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Over the course of four years and countless acne cases, Joy Pfister, a licensed Master Esthetician Instructor and a guru in acne skincare, came up with a brilliant way to help her clients understand how and why the acne-clearing products she recommended actually worked.

Joy's secret weapon? She compared acne to a game, just like your favorite video or football game. And just like that, the "acne game" sprang to life! Every time a new client came in, it was as if a figurative light bulb lit up over their heads. They suddenly realized it was a showdown: Them VS Acne, which had its own team of troublemakers like Wren Whitehead
and Matt Malassezia .

Joy stepped into the role of head coach, educating every client on how to spot those pesky acne players on their skin and which defensive products could conquer them. Picking the perfect defensive "products" was the winning strategy.

Now, it's your chance to have Joy as your head coach. Our team will offer you the same education and information we have used to help hundreds of clients prepare a formidable defense against acne and seize your triumph in the skincare "acne" challenge. It's Game On: You VS Acne! ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ†

Joy Pfister

CEO, Head Coach, Licensed Master Esthetics Instructor + Educator

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