Joy Pfister

CEO, Head Coach, Licensed Master Esthetics Instructor + Educator

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Journey to Clear Skin: A Four-Year Acne Game Development

Over a four-year period, Joy Pfister, a licensed Master Esthetician Instructor and educator, delved into a multitude of acne cases, conducting comprehensive case studies on her clients. Through experimentation with diverse ideas and products, she tirelessly worked to craft the ultimate acne game treatment plan. This extensive process culminated in a four-year endeavor, resulting in a groundbreaking strategy to assist clients in achieving clear and radiant skin.

[VS] Signature Soaps: Crafted in the Lab of Expertise

Drawing upon four years of in-depth knowledge in acne and treatments, Joy Pfister introduces her exclusive creations: [VS] Acne Sulfur Soap and [VS] Healing Soap. These meticulously formulated and handcrafted soaps originate from Joy's own lab, where her expertise in skincare ingredients shines. Infused with non-comedogenic ingredients, her special soaps represent the culmination of years of treating acne, and dedication to providing effective solutions for clear and healthy skin.

Embark on the Acne Game Journey: Let the Clear Skin Quest Begin!

It's your time to dive into the Acne Game and unlock the secrets to clear, radiant skin! Join the quest for skincare success and let the innovative strategies and specially crafted products guide you towards a triumphant victory over acne. Get ready to play and conquer the challenges on your path to a healthier, blemish-free complexion!