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Dealing with combination acne can be a bit tricky since it involves managing both oily and dry skin areas simultaneously. It’s also tricky because you have to identify each of the players and work with your skin in levels, just like a video game. Not all of the acne may clear at one time with one product. It may take a variety of treatments. But we have you covered. Taking our quiz will help you really get a good handle on where to start– we have loaded the questions to help make your decision each when it comes to getting started with Chris Combo!

  1. Do you have pimples with a white center?
  2. Maybe they appear tiny and round with no center.
  3. Maybe they are even around your hairline?
  4. Do you have black centers?
  5. Bumps under the skin?

Mastering Combination Acne is a strategic journey that demands skill and patience. This playbook outlines a winning gameplan to navigate the complexities of balancing the skin barrier, addressing whiteheads and fungal acne, tackling blackheads, and conquering the formidable Maturation Arrest. Follow our step-by-step guide and triumph over every stage!


1. Balancing the Skin Barrier (Quarter 1):

  • Strengthen your defense with a gentle cleanser.
  • Hydration is key – incorporate a non-comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Ditch Proteins Powders, Drinks, Energy Drinks, loaded with Whey, Soy and B Vitamins- also Multi-Vitamins, these flood the body creating a massive overload, irritate skin and trigger acne breakouts
  • Try plant based proteins.

2. Tackling Whiteheads and Fungal Acne (Quarter 2):

3. Conquering Blackheads (Quarter 3):

  • Integrate products with ingredients like Salicylic Gel 7%
  • Regular exfoliation helps keep those pores clear and minimizes blackheads.
  • Stay disciplined – consistency is key in the fight against blackheads.

4. Facing Maturation Arrest (Final Quarter):

Conclusion: Combating Combination Acne is a game of strategy and perseverance. Follow this playbook diligently, start slow, and witness the transformation of your skin. Victory awaits – let the game begin! #AcneGameplan #SkincareStrategy #ClearSkinVictory #VS

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