Fungal Acne. Malassezia folliculitis
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VS Sulfur Soap, VS Mandelic Acid
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Matt Malassezia, meet your mischievous, fungal player!

  1. Do you have pimples without a white center?
  2. Maybe they just appear tiny and round.
  3. They might be spread all over your cheeks?
  4. Maybe they are even around your hairline?

Malassezia folliculitis often times is often mistaken for traditional acne, but the treatment approach needs to be different. 

Acne caused by Malassezia, is a specific type of acne that results from an overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus Malassezia on the skin. Malassezia is a naturally occurring microorganism found on the skin of most individuals and is usually harmless. However, when it proliferates excessively, it can lead to skin issues, including acne.

Never fear, we have seen Matt for years and know exactly how to defeat this common player.

  1. He likes to play with others most of the time ( he is usually in the mix with Wren Whitehead) making it harder to identify him
  2. He has figured out a way around traditional antibiotics (we see him also when people have been on topical antibiotics for more than a month or 2) We have a great article on Matt – check it out!

Game Plan to Defeat Matt Malassezia: