A-Game I


Frequency: Up to Twice Daily – AM and/or PM

An innovative serum designed for skin new to Vitamin A therapy, providing targeted correction and transformative benefits.



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Adding Vitamin A to your Skincare Regimen 

Frequency: Up to Twice Daily – AM and/or PM “Team, we’re talking about prime time here. Get ready for action up to twice a day – morning and/or night. But hey, don’t rush into it like a sprint; start slow. Kick off with every other day, and gradually ramp it up to a daily routine. Check out skin type considerations for the inside scoop.”

Method: Even Coverage Across the Board “On the field of your face, neck, and décolleté, we’re going for an even spread. No spot treating, folks. Let the serum dry briefly before bringing in the reinforcements – your other skincare products or makeup. It’s all about the game plan, and this is a crucial play.”

Considerations: Tailored Tactics for Different Skin Types

Normal or Combination Skin “Starting lineup, listen up. Begin with every other night for the first week to ten days. Gradually work your way up to a twice-daily routine. It’s all about building that endurance for the long game.”

Sensitive Skin, Arid, or Dry Winter Climate Conditions “For those dealing with sensitive skin or facing off against dry winter climates, we’re strategizing. Begin with one application of A-Game I every third night for week two. Increase to every other night for week three, and then nightly. It’s a gradual ascent to victory, folks.”

Oily Skin or Hot Tropical Climate Conditions “Now, for the team in hot climates or with oily skin, you’ve got your own game plan. Your natural oil flow is like a defensive line, but we can outsmart it. Start strong with Vitamin A Propionate once a day. As your skin acclimates, double up with A-Game I twice a day. Speed is key in this game.”

Coaches Corner: Elevate Your Game Once your skin has acclimated to A-Game I it’s time to graduate to A-Game II.

And there you have it, the breakdown of Step Three in your skincare playbook. Stay tuned for more tips and strategies in the skincare championship!

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