Eligibility Requirements

*You must be a Student High School or College Athlete.
*You must currently live in the United States.
*You must have a public social media account with at least one over 250 followers.

Step 1

Apply Here

Step 2

Start Sharing

Once accepted, you can start sharing immediately or wait until you receive your first product shipment. The type of content and when you post it are entirely up to you. Please be sure to tag @acnegame in your posts.

Step 3

Unlock Exclusive Perks

As part of the AG Student Athlete Program, you will be eligible for 3% commission on all of your product sales, monthly product restocks as well as a 10% discount code to share with your community.
As a AG Student Athlete, You'll Get:
  • 3% monthly commission on your sales.
  • Enjoy monthly restocks of your favorite product.
  • Receive a 10% discount on Acne Game Products and Gear for your friends, family, and community.
  • Gain exclusive access to new product launches.

What is Acne Game?


The Skirmish – Understanding the Game

The [VS] Acne defense Line is not just another skincare line; it’s a strategic approach to 

  1. Spotting and 2.Identifying your adversary—acne—so you can execute the 3. [VS] strategy. Check out the Offensive Acne Team on our homepage, where each player has a game plan for victory written by our Acne Coach!

The Strategy – [VS] – Acne Defense

The [VS] in the name isn’t just a symbol; it’s a representation of the strategy embedded in every product. Your skin is in a battle with acne, and this defense line equips it with the tools needed to emerge victorious. 

Game On

So, it’s time to step onto the skincare battlefield and declare, “Game On!” Your skin is ready for the ultimate showdown with [VS] – Your Skin VS. Acne – Acne defense Is here.  The fight against acne just got a winning playbook, and the winning move is in your hands. Game on, champions!

Skin goals


Am I an Acne Game Defensive Team Member?


Yes! We’re so excited to have you join our defensive team. Feel free to use the hashtag #acnegameon in your bio and whenever you share content. Your account must stay public throughout the partnership and you must tag @acnegame for our team to see your content.

Do I earn cash?

YES! As part of the AG Student Athlete Program, you will be eligible for 3% commission on all of your product sales. Once approved you will have access to your dashboard where you can track your sales. Commissions are paid out between the 15-20th of each month.

How do I get a monthly product restock?

You will be eligible for a restock on one product from the first to the 10th of every month. Please keep in mind: that we require at least two pieces of content per month to qualify for a restock. Your account must be public and you must tag @acnegame for our team to see your post. Please use the link that was provided to you in your acceptance email to submit your monthly product request. (You can also use this link to update your address and access your discount code.)

If you’d like to stock up more frequently, feel free to use your discount code for 25% off plus free shipping.

Please note that restocks are not automatically sent out, you must submit a request monthly to receive your product.

If you were accepted into the Student Athlete Program after the 15th of the month, you will not be eligible for a restock until the following month. We only accept one request per restock period. Your request will be declined if you submit more than one.

What kind of content should I post and how often?

We require at least two pieces of content per month in order to qualify for a monthly product  restock. Style, format, timing, and frequency are completely up to you.

We encourage you to post authentic content that’s true to how you use [VS]. For example:

  • Share your daily skincare routine featuring [VS] acne products.
  • Showcase your before-and-after results with [VS] acne skincare.
  • Create a video tutorial demonstrating your favorite application techniques.
  • Share your personal experiences and success stories with [VS] acne products.
  • Engage in a Q&A session where you address questions about your [VS] acne skincare journey.

You can share across any of your social platforms (e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), just remember to keep your handles updated in the ‘settings’ tab of your affiliate dashboard. And don’t forget to tag @acnegame in your posts.

Can I work with other brands?

We ask that you don’t partner with any other acne-specific skin care brands. However, this does not apply to any existing partnerships at the school or team level.

Can you repost me on the Acne Game Instragram?

While we often repost our AG ambassadors, reposts are not guaranteed. If you have any specific content you would like us to repost, please send it to us at hello@acnegame.com and we will forward it to the correct team member. Please allow three weeks for a response, if required.

Will I receive a PR Box? 

We aim to send out as much product as possible to the members on our team. We value you as a partner and appreciate you for being such an amazing one. With that being said, we pull our list based on the number of content pieces and engagement right around the time of the launch of seasonal products. The highest-performing 10% of our team will receive a PR box featuring products we are spotlighting for an upcoming event, game, or seasonal promotion.