[VS] Handmade Sulfur and Aloe Butter Soaps

Aloe Butter Healing Soap

Aloe Butter Soap – Unleashing Healing Skincare Excellence

In a skincare league of its own, [VS] Aloe Butter Soap, meticulously crafted in our Ashland lab. The visionary behind this triumph? None other than our Head Coach, Master Esthetics Instructor, acne-healing skin expert, and CEO, Joy Pfister. This soap isn’t just a skincare product; it’s a testament to expertise, designed to dominate in the realm of healing, soothing, and hydrating.

Key Ingredients and Their All-Star Lineup:

  • Aloe Butter: The MVP, known for its legendary healing and hydrating prowess, takes center stage. It’s the powerhouse that lays the foundation for skin transformation.
  • Babassu, Grapeseed, Avocado, Castor, Kokum: The supporting cast, carefully chosen and directed by Joy Pfister, forms a dream team. Together, they bring a symphony of healing, soothing, and moisturizing to the game.
  • Aloe Juice: The secret weapon that complements Aloe Butter, infusing an extra boost of hydration and nutrients to your skin.
  • French Green Clay: The strategic player, introduced for its detoxifying abilities, elevates the game by providing a spa-like cleanse and leaving your skin refreshed.

The Play-by-Play: Picture this: You step into the shower, lather up with the Aloe Butter Soap, and instantly, your skincare game shifts into high gear. Aloe Butter takes the lead, delivering a wave of healing and hydration that feels like a personal spa day.

As the supporting oils make their move, Babassu, Grapeseed, Avocado, Castor, and Kokum work together like a seasoned team, providing a level of soothing and moisturizing that’s second to none.

Aloe Juice steps up, adding an extra layer of hydration, ensuring your skin is nourished from the inside out. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, French Green Clay swoops in for the grand finale, offering a luxurious cleanse that leaves your skin rejuvenated.

The Final Score: Aloe Butter Soap: 1, Skincare Woes: 0. This isn’t just a soap; it’s a victory lap for your skin. Joy Pfister’s expertise and the stellar ingredient deck have created a game-changer. Get ready for a skincare slam dunk with the Aloe Butter Soap!

Sulfur and Charcoal Soap

Unleashing Acne Fighting Power with Sulfur and Charcoal Soap

In a groundbreaking skincare event, we introduce the Sulfur and Charcoal Soap, meticulously crafted in our lab. This extraordinary creation bears the mark of excellence from none other than our Head Coach, Master Aesthetics Instructor, acne-healing skin expert, and CEO, Joy Pfister. This soap isn’t just a product; it’s a powerhouse designed to redefine acne skincare with a knockout punch.

Key Ingredients and Their Champions:

  • Sulfur (10%): The undisputed heavyweight champion in the fight against acne and blemishes. Sulfur brings its A-game, targeting bacteria and excess oil, leaving the skin’s complexion clearer and brighter.
  • Charcoal (5%): The dark horse of detoxification, charcoal swoops in to draw out impurities and toxins. It’s the secret weapon for a deep cleanse, ensuring your skin is free from the daily grime and challenges it faces.
  • Babassu, Grapeseed, Avocado, Castor, Kokum: These supporting players, handpicked by the skincare maestro herself, create a perfect harmony. Each brings its unique strengths to the mix – from moisturizing and nourishing to balancing and soothing, ensuring a well-rounded skincare regimen.

The Play-by-Play: Step into the shower and lather up with the Sulfur and Charcoal Soap, and you’re not just cleansing; you’re engaging in a skincare game-changer. The sulfur goes in for the attack, targeting acne like a precision strike, while charcoal takes on the role of the fearless defender, purging impurities and leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

As the blend of babassu, grapeseed, avocado, castor, and kokum oils goes to work, it’s not just about cleansing – it’s a full-court press of moisturizing and balancing, ensuring your skin’s vitality remains intact.

Joy Pfister’s playbook for skincare dominance comes to life in every bar. This is not your ordinary soap; it’s a winning strategy against acne, a power-packed formula that brings together the best of nature under the guidance of a true skincare champion.

The Final Score: Sulfur and Charcoal Soap: 1, Acne: 0. In the world of skincare, this soap isn’t just a player – it’s a game-changer. Stay tuned for the victory lap of clear, radiant skin.

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